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Analise Striat

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Analise Striat Empty Analise Striat

Post by ps3rpchick on Mon Feb 11, 2013 10:36 pm

Name: Analise Striat
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Occupation: Professional Chef/Aspiring Coordinator
Personality: Analise is a humble and calm lady, always willing to be the voice of reason and a source of support for those she considers friends. Not one to raise her voice, she seems to have a strong presence even when clearly relaxed. She doesn't like to be coddled or given special treatment, often scolding others if they do treat her as frail. She doesn't care that her body is weak, Analise works as hard as she can to get things done. Analise really loves cooking and likes pokemon a lot. Her favorite is Ninetails, a pokemon her mother owns.
Analise Striat Pkmn_OC_trainer_by_jazfreak
History: Analise was born in the Kanto region, more specifically Lavender Town. Her parents owned most of Lavender Town through good connections and lived very comfortably. Sadly, Analise was stricken by a rare genetic disease that made her cough up blood when too worked up or excited. Her parents had to be very careful with her. Analise barely was allowed to play with other kids and was always under constant watch. It was a sheltered childhood.

One day, Analise wandered off. A Hypno found her and took her away. She went missing for months until she wandered back with a smile. Analise actually had fun and was happy to play with Hypno. Her parents doubled their viligance of course. Analise grew into a strong willed and fine lady, soon taking to cooking as she got older. She was happy for a while.

Analise however craved to explore, see the world. She believe working with pokemon was the best way. Her parents objected at first, but a lot of good points and calm reasoning won them over eventually. And so Analise decided to head to the new region and get started on her journey... by herself.


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Analise Striat Empty Re: Analise Striat

Post by Bluekat12 on Mon Feb 11, 2013 11:20 pm


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