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Mods and Dice

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Mods and Dice Empty Mods and Dice

Post by Actinium on Sat Feb 02, 2013 10:58 am

Here in Feronia, we have a half-modding system. You can go on an adventure on your own terms with multiple people. Here you will find how these things work.

• For topics without mods, you can just roleplay with another character or even a large group. This is the most encouraged form to roleplaying as it gives a whole lot of freedom.

• Modded topics are where a moderator posts to control wild Pokemon, have an event, spawn a trainer for you to battle, ect. Its like a tabletop roleplaying game without the stats, the moderator controling everything around the characters.

• Each character can be in modded thread, mods can slip in and out of threads when they begin and finish modding. You can only have up to 5 threads active at once, if you want to go somewhere else and have 5 threads you must end one, PROPERLY don't just cut it off, then you may start the new one.

• The only way to encounter things is to post in the Encounter Request thread. Modded threads are different, as whatever is encountered or spawned will be up to the mod. If you wish to force a pokemon/trainer to appear, please use the encounter request thread on the Global Announcements thread(Appears at the top of every forum).

• Mods have the right to pop into any thread to cause an event, without request. This could be for any reason: to break up little action, to start an event, to give a Team Twilight grunt or Sword of Justice a mission, or even just to cause mischief. Along with that, if you were to purchase an encounter for a legendary, a trainer, or a TT member or SoJ, a mod would temporarily pop in to control of that character. Wild Pokemon and items can be controlled/found by the member who purchased the encounter would be able to control it. Remember though, a MOD chooses WHAT you find, unless you post in the encounter thread and buy something specific.

• Certain threads are auto-modded. These are:
~Lab/Starter threads
~Gym/Contest/Elite 4 threads
~Event and Mission threads

For missions, mark the title with [mission] and post the mission description on your first post.


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Mods and Dice Empty Re: Mods and Dice

Post by Bluekat12 on Sat Feb 02, 2013 6:37 pm

Catching Pokemon
To catch pokemon, simply type/copy+paste the code for the pokeball you threw. Do NOT try to use a different pokeball for it is obvious when you use the wrong pokeball. You are NOT allowed to edit the post once you have rolle the die for a pokeball. Get rid of spaces before hitting that send button!
Pokeball Dice:
[roll="Pokeball"][/ roll]
Greatball Dice:
[roll="Greatball"][/ roll]
Ultraball Dice:
[roll="Ultraball"][/ roll]

In "Thunder Blunder" forum, there is a minigame you can play called "Pokemon Slots" You can roll the dice for this only once per 2 of YOUR posts. If you do not know what to post about, talk to the other person you're roleplaying with or interact with the environment are some suggestions.
Slots dice:
[roll="Slots"][/ roll]

In the "Onyx Mines" there is a minigame you can play where you can mine for ores and fossils. Simply type the code, and similar to Slots, you can only roll once per 2 of YOUR posts.
Mine Dice:
[roll="Mines"][/ roll]

Inside Cadencia city there is the "Poffin Poofin" stand. You may have only ONE pokemon eat ONE poffin, ONCE a week, per character. It costs 500 poke to make the poffin for your pokemon. The results are random, and may benefit...MAY.
Poffin Die
[roll="Poffin"][/ roll]

Dream Tower
When you go into the dream tower, the floors are entirely random. When you reach a new floor, roll the die and see what your next floor is! Please spend a reasonable amount of time on each floor though.
Dream Tower Die
[roll="Dream"][ /roll]

Character Records

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