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Lily White

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Lily White Empty Lily White

Post by Actinium on Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:27 pm

Name: Lily Victoria White

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Occupation: Trainer and soon-to-be Sword of Justice

Reference Picture:
Appearance: Lily is about average in height and quite lean and lanky (which is weird because she loves to eat). Her eyes are big and bright aqua blue and she has short hair that was dyed yellow (she is naturally a brunette) She is accustomed to wearing a white bow in her hair along with some clips to keep it in place. Lily's long limbs are usually spotted with bruises, scrapes, and scabs, but her skin is naturally light and soft. Lily wears light, casual or athletic clothing, never anything that hinders movement or is too frilly. Lily usually wears greens, blues, browns, and neutral colors and will only bundle up when she needs too, liking to be out in the elements.

Personality: If you were to know Lily for a little while, you would probably say she's bossy, stubborn, a pig, hot-tempered, disobedient, sarcastic, and/or rash. Still, you should at least balance the negatives with the positives. Lily is really fast and athletic, a quicky and crafty thinker, she is quite brave, and can really be a lot of fun to be around if you can get used to her sence of fun. Lily dispises crime and wrongdoing, which is kind of ironic as she gets into trouble all the time. She is also independent, adventurous and likes to lead, but has little patience for teaching slower people. Lily also loves Pokemon because "they add color, adventure and spice to life, which is something we wouldn't have much of if there weren't any."

History: Lily's life was more neutral. Her mother gave birth to her then divorced when Lily was a toddler, leaving her with her dad. She never really visited her mom, as she went to live somewhere far away in Kanto. Her dad moved to Castelia City, Unova, and Lily lived with him in a dumpy little appartment. Times were tough, but the duo got through it with heads held high, more or less.

Lily heard about Feronia about a year ago. She didn't want to pressure her dad any more with having to feed and take care of her, so she decided to go out and make a name for herself in Feronia. Plus, being a Sword of Justice sounded pretty darn cool to Lily, being able to fight crime a plus. She began to work part time at Casteliacone, eventually earning enough money to take a trip to Feronia. Only days ago she took that boat to Feronia, and now she is ready for her new journey.

Other: Strange coincidence: on the 3DS, one of the word suggestions for typing Lily is Lily-white. Oh, and Lily-livered, which Lily will smack you for calling her that.

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Lily White Empty Re: Lily White

Post by Bluekat12 on Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:58 pm

Accepted~ Very Happy You may now begin roleplaying!

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