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Rules [MUST READ] Empty Rules [MUST READ]

Post by Actinium on Sun Jan 20, 2013 1:37 pm

Welcome to Pokemon Feronia. Before doing anything, you should be reading this section

~No God-Modding/Bunnying~
Both terms mean the same thing. This means no taking control of someone else's character without their permission.

~Keep things PG-13 at most.~
Limit violence and romance. There may be some younger members here, so absolutly NO porn, in images, topics, or roleplaying. Swearing is allowed, but do it in moderation and keep most of it IC.

~No Powerplaying~
Don't be too strong or powerful, or know things you shouldn't. Your characters and their Pokemon are all mortal and not invincible, thry won't know everyone's name before they meet them, and a Level 5 Stunfisk won't be able to take down a Level 80 Torterra, so don't do it.

~No Trolling, Spamming, and/or Harassing and insulting other members!~
At this forum we do not accept any of this. Any spam will be deleted and a warning will be given. Continuing to do so will only lead to a ban. This also includes marrying people to each other in the chatroom who don't want to be married. Being mean to other members is not tolerated and anyone who thinks they see that happen should take a screenshot and/or report the post.

~No Multiple/Alternate Accounts!~
You do not need an account for each character. Members can as many characters as they can handle, but only one account. This is so they cannot bypass things that require a certain amount of time. Anyone found with multiple accounts will have both accounts banned.

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