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= Skye Autumn =

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= Skye Autumn = Empty = Skye Autumn =

Post by 32Melody on Sat Apr 06, 2013 4:03 pm

Name: Skye Autumn
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Birthday: February 7
Occupation: Trainer
Personality: A mysterious yet friendly individual. Skye is teasing and can be kind of sarcastic at times, but she honestly has good intentions. She does have a gentler side with Pokemon and seems to have a good connection with them, which makes her a bit uneasy at the thought of battling just because. Ironically, Skye loves both a battle and a challenge. She loses her thoughts will normally jump into things recklessly.

Skye tends to raise her voice bit by bit when she gets mad, so if you try to get her aggravated chances are she'll be yelling straight into your ear in no time. This is rare as she normally keeps her cool and doesn't get mad very often, so you must be an awful person to get her to shout at you. Or she just hates you. That's very normal for most people she meets. Skye also tends to worry over others and doesn't always see the good sides in things. Despite this, she is very patient and polite, with an elegant but casual aura.
More to comeee:

= Skye Autumn = Iaza17737485759000
Skye is a person who doesn't really eat, which has made her skinny. Her jet black hair reaches her waist and she likes to comb it in front of the mirror, but compared to other girls, she doesn't brush it as often. She's average size in height, not too tall nor too short. The most unique quality of her is her eyes - they're turquoise with a touch of green, making them appear sort of different then others. This was the only trait she received from her father.
History.. dun dun duuuun xD;:

Skye was born and raised in the region of Unova, her hometown being Striaton City. Her parents owned an Unfezant, a Swanna, and a Gothorita. Together, the mother and father were employees and sailors who worked at the Royal Unova, which is located in Castelia City. Because of the distance, Skye's parents took Swanna and Unfezant to use Fly to get them there, while they would trust Gothorita to take care of their only daughter while they were gone. Skye never minded, and she and Gothorita would play together happily, often in the nearby Dreamyard.

Skye loved all Pokemon dearly as if they were a part of her Pokemon, giving her a wonderful connection to them at a young age. Since the Royal Unova sailed everyday, she never saw her parents much, but it didn't matter because the Pokemon were there to keep her company. Gothorita would protect Skye in case of any hostile and dangerous wild Pokemon, but often they would befriend the Pokemon and have more fun then ever. It seemed as if Skye knew every Pokemon that resided in the Dreamyard, and if she didn't know them, she would try to.

Because there were also so many people who lived in Striaton City, Skye learned manners and gained a lot of more 'people' friends as well ( with a bit of encouraging from Gothorita ) . As she began to get older, Skye learned from a 'people' friend that the nearby Trainers' School was going to accept new students soon, and after learning that they would teach her more then she knew of her Pokemon friends, she trotted over to the Dreamyard and told all the creatures her plan. Of course, not every Pokemon was gathered there to listen to her ramble, but the ones that did listen seemed to like the idea despite the meaning of her not going to see them as often.

So that same day, as soon as her parents returned with their Pokemon, Skye convinced her parents to let her attend the small school. She was 8 when she began her first year of the Trainers' School. Skye gradually learned more and more each day, becoming very knowledgeable of Pokemon still at a young age. As she grew older, she wanted to learn of the regions she was learning about in school. She thought for a while on how to visit those regions such as Kanto and Sinnoh, and after consulting an elderly woman who she had recently befriended, she realized she had to convince her parents to let her attend the Royal Unova with them.

So once again she trotted over to the Dreamyard with Gothorita after her parents flew off and told her friends the plan. She had brought along a close human friend of hers as well, a girl her age that was named Jamie. When she, Jamie, and Gothorita arrived, the Pokemon weren't as excited about this plan, but after promising that she'd come and play with them still, they would be fine on letting her go. Jamie didn't seem happy either on letting her best friend go, but Skye promised ( again ) that she'd come and play too. Jamie considered it, and would let her go if she would have a battle with her.

Thus, at age 9 ( a year had passed ), Skye learned how to battle and trained with Gothorita and the wild Pokemon excitedly. Jamie succeeded in making Skye forget about leaving for a couple of years ( Skye was so caught up in batting she did happen to forget ). Skye later remembered when the same elderly lady had asked why she had not gone with her parents. So after some questioning her best friend, Jamie, the now 11 year old Skye begged and pleaded her parents to let her come with them as soon as they returned.

Reluctantly, they agreed, and Skye told all of her friends ( both Pokemon and people ) about it. Jamie was glad she got to stay with Skye for a little longer and was genuinely happy for her, which made Skye feel a bit guilty of leaving. So, just in case, Jamie gave Skye her favorite necklace to remember her by. Skye never took it off since, keeping it close to both her heart and tightly around her wrist.

So Skye began to slowly become accustomed to the sea life, making a new pattern : Waking up and getting ready for the day, playing with Gothorita, Jamie, and the Pokemon, leaving for the Royal Unova ( she liked to switch from riding on Unfezant to riding on Swanna ) , coming back, eating dinner, playing for a while, then going to bed. Rinse, lather, and repeat, it seemed. She didn't mind as she trained on the Royal Unova as well, getting stronger and her name slowly spreading out of town and to the public.
Unfortunately, after a few years of peace, Team Plasma heard of this small yet unique girl and wanted to use her skills for the team before she decided she was a good person. After learning she was commonly found on the Royal Unova, at age 14, the ship was attacked and raided by the grunts of Team Plasma. The ship nearly went down and Skye was indeed captured, separated from her once peaceful life and trained to be at least slightly awful.

This only went on for 6 months, half a year, before Skye decided this was enough and was able to escape their headquarters. She returned to Striaton City and was about to enter her home when she realized she wasn't safe here, that they'd find out she'd left and come back to take her away yet again. So she slipped through the door, took a quick shower, and packed her things. Skye decided not to let her parents find out she was safe ( although in a sense she really wasn't ) and left Striaton City.

She heard of the new region of Feronia and figured things were peaceful there, so she did some research and barely caught a ship to the new land. Skye hopes nothing will go wrong, and maybe by luck nobody will know her name..
- Her Zodiac Sign is Aquarius, so she'll take the burden of Eridan
- Her Japanese name is Sora ( Skye ) Aki ( Autumn ) or スカイ島 ( Skye by itself ) / スカイ秋 ( with last name )

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= Skye Autumn = Empty Re: = Skye Autumn =

Post by Nocive on Fri Apr 12, 2013 10:18 pm

CURSE THAT LENGTH! But in any case...

Character has been APPROVED!
Be sure to add her to your records!

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