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Saku's Character Records!

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Saku's Character Records! Empty Saku's Character Records!

Post by Sakurai on Sun Feb 10, 2013 10:01 pm

Lillia Dagnone's Records
Lillia's Original Bio

Saku's Character Records! Pokede10 Pokedex
One Pokeball

Lillia has not obtained any ribbons

Lillia has not obtained any badges
Lumina the Solosis:

Saku's Character Records! Solosi10
Level 13 (Obtained at Level Five in A New Start in Konohagakure City)
Hasty Nature(Plus Speed Minus Defense)
Lumina (Short for Luminous) is the first Pokemon Lillia ever got, And thus she's her favorite making her very important to Lillia. As the Pokemon itself, she is loyal to her trainer, but sometimes rushes into things, causing difficulties in general, not just the bond between the two.
Moves: Psywave, Reflect, Rollout, Snatch.

Pulsar the Absol:

Saku's Character Records! 359
Level: 13(Caught in Exploring the Darkness with Little Light? at level 11)
Gender: Female
Moves: Leer, Quick Attack, Scratch, Feint
Nature: Adamant (+Attack -Special Attack)
Pulsar at first attacked Rave and Lillia, bordering angry. Through a series of misunderstandings it seemed to get worse. After realizing similarities by choice in conjunction with Rai(The latter breaking out of many Pokeballs) she became one of her partners.

Rai the Scraggy:

Saku's Character Records! 559
Level: 13(Caught in Exploring the Darkness with Little Light? at level 12)
Gender: Male
Moveset: Leer, Low Kick, Faint Attack, Headbutt
Nature: Timid (+Speed -Attack)
Along with Pulsar, he originally attacked Rave and Lillia but after a bunch of attacks, he allowed himself to be captured because Pulsar wanted to. Unfortunetly he proved to be quite difficult to be caught and it took 4 Pokeballs just to capture him. Rave ended up capturing the uncatchable Pokemon, but he gave it to Lillia. Thus Rai is also loyal to Rave, not only Lillia.


Leon: Lillia met Leon when she went out to Route 1 to train for contests, and soon after conversing, the two battled. They seem to be alright friends, and Leon and Lillia both has an L in the beginning of their names share a love for Pokemon.

Alla: Lillia also met Alla in the same trip to Route 1, but the former is slightly confused about the latter's fear of Pokemon, due to the fact that Lillia seems to like Pokemon and is insecure around humans, and Alla prefers being around humans, while being insecure around Pokemon.

Rave: Lillia met Rave as she went into Wayward Cave to train a bit, and catch Pokemon, seeing as she had none. At first, they were a tiny bit afraid of each other, but seemed to be more relaxed after they saw each other. After getting her but kicked badly by Runa Rave and Lillia seem to be on friendlier ground, with Rave giving her the occasional tip or two. Rave and Lillia were attacked by Pulsar and Rai, but soon captured the duo, Lillia catching Pulsar and Rave catching Rai. Rave gave the Scraggy to Lillia but then told her that she would have to pay the "Debts". At first unsure how to pay it off, Lillia finally paid it off in In the Safari Zone, by paying his entrance into the Safari Zone.

Pokemon's Relationships:
Lumina's Relationships:

Pepper: Pepper was the first Pokemon Lumina saw outside the lab, which of course, makes Pepper in a way special to Lumina. They exchanged a friendly battle, and seem to be pretty nice friends.

Runa: Runa and Lumina battled, seemingly at first not to mix like oil and water, but after getting beaten up they both are on even ground.

Rufflet: At first, they didn't realize that they were from the exact same lab, but after some realization, Rufflet and Lumina easily became friends.

Pulsar: Lumina doesn't care for her partner much, mainly being jealous of the split attention that her trainer gives to the other two members.

Rai: Same as Pulsar, Lumina's only tie with him is the fact that he is Lillia's Pokemon, and seems to dislike him for that reason.

Pulsar the Absol's Relationships:

Rufflet: Fighting with Rufflet and Runa caused her to at first be cold to Rave's Pokemon, but eventually she warmed up to them, caring about them if they show major wounds....

Runa: *see Rufflet because I'm lazy*

Lumina: Like sandpaper against sandpaper, the two minds don't match, and they often bicker due to their similar boss-like personalities. If she isn't fighting with Lumina or trying to one-up her, she gives the Solosis the cold shoulder.

Rai: Rai is her best friend, and most trusted Pokemon. She would do anything to protect him, and seems to see the Scraggy like a younger brother (Which happens to be a higher level than her...yeah).

Rai the Scraggy:


A New Start in Konohagakure City[Closed] 0 complete pages

Different First Steps[Open] 3 complete pages

Exploring the Darkness with Little Light [Closed] 5 complete pages

In the Safari Zone [Open] 0 complete pages

Extra: Lillia names almost all her Pokemon after space, stars, sky, time of day, etc. mainly the names are in the astrology area.
Lumina: Luminousity, a form to catorgize stars.
Pulsar: A type of Neutron star(when a massive star collapses on itself) but spins, causing "pulsing" waves of energy.

Lillia when she "snaps" gets overloaded with the emotion(usually rage....is she Haruto? O.O) and unleashes it (yes yes she is) on the person or thing that made her feel that way.

Random Extra Achievements:
Was the first one on this site to fail at capturing a Pokemon. Figures XD

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Saku's Character Records! Empty Re: Saku's Character Records!

Post by Sakurai on Tue Mar 19, 2013 12:31 am

Ari Cecil:
Link to Orignal Bio
Because I'm to lazy.

4 Pokeballs
2 Potions

Hope the Carnava:

Saku's Character Records! 318
Level: 8 (Obtained in Someone took the Carvanha? at level 5)
Gender: Female
Moveset: Leer, Bite, Rage, Focus Energy
Nature: Adamant (+Attack -Special Attack)
Hope is arrogant, often refusing to listen to her "weak" trainer, who tries to befriend Pokemon instead of battling them, and often releases them after capture. Ari tries to befriend her, to no avail and she wishes for the time when she will meet a stronger trainer.

Pokemon she met:
Gentleman Pidove:

Saku's Character Records! 519
This Pidove had caused some minor head pain, and after a little bit, caused Hope to learn a little bit of manners. A little bit.

Someone Actually Took the Carnava [closed] - 0 complete pages
Wish [Open] -2 complete pages
Contaminating the Water [Open] -1 complete page

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Saku's Character Records! Empty Re: Saku's Character Records!

Post by Sakurai on Sat May 04, 2013 3:42 pm

Name: Riley Sage
Age: 80 16
Gender: Male
Occupation: Prankster/Trainer
Personality: With a grin more like of a cross between a smirk and a smile, Riley would quite easily "borrow" something that isn't his, or mess around with someone's mind. In fact, he would probably do a lot of things, marking his personality downright daring. For a good joke, Riley would even go as far as to give up his soul, as long as the prank works. Riley can act easily, and really well, tricking people into doing what he wants, or giving him something. When he stops being mischievous, he can be kind hearted, but that rarely happens-around once in about a blue moon. His major fault would be that he gets depressed easily mainly when "A well thought out plan" gets broken, or evaded. In his daze he sometimes tells the person that it was him who did it, before snapping out of his daze and getting chased by the person he pranked. A more minor fault is the fact that he's quite forgetful, sometimes talking to a person that he tricked a few days ago, not remembering the small fact.
The one on the left:
History: Riley was born into a family of psychics in Goldenrod City, who were poor, but extremely good in predicting the future, and reading minds-however could barely move the lightest of boxes. On the day he was born, the eldest predicted however that he would be different, in fact the exact opposite. He was to be strong in the physical area-like telekinesis, but weak in the telepathic area. His parents were interested in having a "well-rounded" psychic group, and started training him as much as possible at a young age at their level of ability in the area which he was "destined" to be. It was apparent at age 5, that Riley was far beyond their learning, whenever he was hungry he would take some cookies which were propped high up in an attempt to stop him from eating it to no avail. Finally when they felt as if he couldn't be trained more, they attempted to ship him off to Saffron to learn from Sabrina. They took him to Safforn and told him to wait and walked back planing for one of the psychics to take him to the gym. However in the young boy's eyes as his parents walked in the train and were about to leave, they were going to abandon him, and in his anger and sadness he caused the passenger carts to move and as they were ripped off the tracks, the carts with all the people in it started ramming into everything, smashing in the walls repeatedly before finally falling on the ground in an exhausted heap. From all the energy he exerted Riley passed out, but his parents fared far worse. They along with around another 100 people died in the train as it was tossed around.
The words of the elder seemed to resonate in the air:
Born different from the others,
Massive strength caused loss of mind.
However with strength comes with a cost.
Severing lives, scarring lots.

The last few lines which were ignored came back to haunt them long after their mistakes were made.When he finally awoken from his long nap, Riley was put in prison, for even by accident he killed many people. Underestimating his power, when they came back to bring him to court, there was a hole in the wall-it was made for psychics of some-what okay power to ensure that they couldn't escape. Searching for the 7 year old boy, wanted by everyone and disowned by his family he ran to Vermilion City and told one of his first lies, that he was lost and orignally from Lillycove-the boat said that it was headed towards there-and tricked him into taking him out of Johto into Hoenn. The news haven't reached the area yet, and for a while he was safe-nobody knew him, nor see him for maybe a glance. Soon the young boy grew hungry, and like he would with a cookie using the smallest amount of power possible, steal from homes food and materials needed for living. However the news reached Hoenn and even though they rarely seen him directly, the people were suspicious of the small blur with hair that could have been blond that dashed around the city, and nobody claimed the boy as theirs. Finally at 8 he left, but by then got the basic rules of survival down. Riley ran down Route 121, without knowing where the next city, when he encountered a Wingull. Thinking the "poor defenseless" boy needed someone to help him, the Wingull took him to Lavaridge, where he was taken in by the one of the elders by keeping up his ruse. After a while, the somewhat quiet bored him and to cause "excitement" Riley took the mud and dug a small hole, and started making a sandcastle just a bit away from the trench. A person came by and kindly looked at the young boy and he walked closer, before tripping in the hole and landed face-first in the ground. Riley barely talked his way out of punishment, claiming it wasn't his fault and it must have happened before since you couldn't see that there was a hole from the perspective that he was at. Figuring out that he could do many things without them knowing it started developing his trickster like personality. At age 14 almost everyone had been pranked by him, including himself, to redirect the attention away from himself. At that point, the people were used to it, and even joking about the pranks sometimes. Somewhere in their hearts they in a way knew that it was him, but they wanted the person to remain a secret, for it seemed much more intresting if there was an unknown person who is so good he/she can slip away without people knowing. Time passed and at 16 he-still with his mischevious and deceptive personality mind you-decided to seek his fortune in the new town of Fernoia, the horrible memory almost completely forgotten. And the moment he left, the mysterious prankster from Lavaridge left as well...

Extra: Ironically a song appeared a few days before I thought of Riley, which was kind of like Riley's personality.
And this character is totally not my favorite character in the series that he is in which I discovered a few days ago...nope:
He never used, or is rarely likely to use the amount of power that he used back then.

Saku's Character Records! Bag_Pok%C3%A9_Ball_Sprite Pokeball x5
Saku's Character Records! Key_Pok%C3%A9dex_m_Sprite Pokedex
Saku's Character Records! Xtransceiver Xtransceiver

[spoiler=Avery the Ralts]Name: Avery
Level:6 (Recieved at level 6 in Ehehe Sorry about that~)
Gender: Male
Moveset:Growl, Confusion
Nature: Naughty

Ehehe Sorry About That~


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Saku's Character Records! Empty Re: Saku's Character Records!

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