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A Challenger Approaches!

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A Challenger Approaches! Empty A Challenger Approaches!

Post by Sakurai on Sat Feb 09, 2013 2:25 am

Name: Lillia Dagnone
Gender: Female
Occupation: Coordinator(although she does like to battle normally once in a while)
Personality: Lillia is generally quiet, yet snaps easily when under pressure. Although she has very little tolerance of people, she is very kind towards Pokemon, prefering their company over other people. She is somewhat insecure, looking around at seemingly random times. Also, Lillia is easily distracted, if loud noises, weird smells or her hair falling down into her face, she even in battle, would lose all her concentration, and has to slowly regain her senses. Lillia is also very perceptive, sometimes realizing things before they happen, which is also a con since she trusts her mind more than what is actually happening.
Picture which I based her off of:
A Challenger Approaches! 580841162_orig
Lillia Dagnone is a tad bit on the short side, (4'11") but is nearly skin and bones in some places. She has long chocolate brown hair, which she prefers to keep in a high ponytail away from her face. She also has a tan complexion, from being out in the sun for long periods of time when she was in Lilycove City. Her eyes are hazel, but turns more brown towards the pupil. Lillia wears casual clothing, prefering not to really stand out, but prefers the colors black and blue. The only time she wears "formal" clothing is when she is in a contest, in which she either wears white or blue or a mixture of both.
History: Lillia was born in Lilycove City, so she was exposed to contests at an early age. Her parents wanted her to become a Coordinator, but due to the pressure which they put on her to preform her best, she finally cracked, running away yelling that she hated being a Coordinator. The truth was, she didn't hate being a Coordinator, in contrast she loved Contests. What she hated was the fact that she was being forced to do something with all the pressure and the way that wasn't her style, being rebuked if it wasn't her parent's ideal preformance. Soon after leaving her family and Staryu, she learned of a new area, Feronia. Lillia decided to start anew, and left for the new place.
Lillia has a tiny phobia of water-types[Staryu and their evolutions mainly] due to the fact it reminds her of her family and where she used to live.
The reason why Lillia is so jumpy is due to the fact even though in a new place, she is afraid of her parents or whoever they set on her to come and find her. But even she doesn't realize that fact.


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A Challenger Approaches! Empty Re: A Challenger Approaches!

Post by Actinium on Sat Feb 09, 2013 12:22 pm

Looks good! Accepted~
Have fun!

Don't worry, I'm only slightly insane~

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