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Leon Harrold

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Leon Harrold Empty Leon Harrold

Post by Orivexes on Sun Feb 03, 2013 11:49 pm

Name: Leon Harrold
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Occupation: Pokemon Breeder/Trainer

Personality: Leon is a man of decision. He rarely thinks through his decisions and prefers to take action whenever possible. However, this does not mean he is a risk-taker--his natural impulse is to be protective and caring, especially towards younger people and pokemon. Clever and resourceful, Leon knows how to win a battle with a clever twist, but often forgets basic tactics. He has a soft spot for anyone younger than him, and often spoils his friends and pokemon with gifts and food. He also loves dispensing advice, whether it's wanted or not.

Appearance: Leon wears worn jeans and layers of long shirts. He almost always wears a green bandana on his head to cover his medium-length brown hair. He has a kind smile and big blue eyes that are hard to hide emotion in. He will typically travel with at least one pokemon outside of their pokeball. He always carries a large sack of suppies with him, and carries a harness that can hold a small pokemon at his chest.

History: Leon is a Hoenn native from Lilycove City. He grew up in a modest home with his mother, learning to interact with Pokemon from a young age by bravely wandering into the dense grass to the west, as well as calmly fishing by the coast. As he got older, he discovered Mt. Pyre and learned to interact with the ghost pokemon inside.

When Team Aqua and Team Magma began their fateful feud, Leon and his mother took off to Kanto, where things were much quieter. Leon moved out on his own and rented an apartment in Celadon City, working in the giant Pokemart and spending his free time visiting Erika and the gym. Although he couldn't officially join the gym (females only!), Leon did manage to make some good friends and learned a lot about pokemon battles. He grew to love plants and would spend time teaching children how to take care of plants and grass types while battles took place around him.

With the city behind him, Leon faces Feronia with anticipation. He does not know what sort of Pokemon exist there, but he does look forward to learning and perhaps finding a new home, friends, or an adventure. He is not familiar with Team Twilight, but is extremely unlikely to find common ground with them. He does know about the Swords of Justice, and while he respects them immensely, he prefers to capture and train pokemon as permanent partners.

Extra: Leon is rather good at comforting pokemon, and has an easy time capturing and befriending them, or at least calming them down. He's also a skilled cook and can work wonders with a grill or campfire. However, he's not very competitive, and even though he enjoys battling, his pokemon share his lax attitude and may not battle at full strength for league/gym battles.

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Leon Harrold Empty Re: Leon Harrold

Post by MexterInfinite on Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:02 pm

Accepted! You may begin your roleplaying, Contact an admin for any questions.

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