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Evolving Empty Evolving

Post by Bluekat12 on Sat Feb 02, 2013 7:07 pm

Happy Evolving
Some pokemon need Happiness to evolve. We've devised a system that will determine happiness. To make your pokemon eligible for evolution, when needed through happiness, you must have your pokemon featured in 10 complete threads.

In the Minigame, Poffin Poofin. There is a possibility to RAISE your pokemon's happiness by up to 2 or 3 battles, even though it says battles, it really means Threads. Using Poffin Poofin is risky though, because it also has the chance to INCREASE the number of threads needed to evolve as well as it can also do nothing at all to your pokemon!

Item Evolving
When a pokemon evolves by stone, simply find/buy the stone from the market. Then you may choose when to use the stone to evolve your pokemon. Simply post about your character using it, and then update your character records!

Location Evolving
If a pokemon needs to be a certain place to evolve, a list below is provided to show what area they need to level up in.
Eevee -> Leafeon: Level Up in Spring Hillside(In dream World) near a Moss Rock
Eevee -> Glaceon: Level up in Winter Wonderland(In dream World) Near a Ice Rock
Magneton-> Magnezone: Level Up in Mount Onyx
Nosepass -> Probopass: Level Up in Mount Onyx

Level Evolving
Simply let your pokemon evolve when it reaches the required level.

Trade Evolving
If a pokemon requires trade to evolve, simply trade it off to another person. It will then be evolved, unless evolution is corrupted by the receiver. The pokemon must remain with the other person for at least ONE thread before trading back.

Character Records

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