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Konoha Herb Shop

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Konoha Herb Shop

Post by 32Melody on Thu Jan 24, 2013 9:57 pm

Welcome to the Konoha Herb Shop! The store is to your right as soon as you enter the Market. The lady who runs the shop, Sara, has made all of her herbs hand-made and lovingly cooked, just for your pokemon. At a low price, you can buy nutritious herbs that heal/help your Pokemon in some way. Be warned that most Pokemon do not like the taste though. Although there are not many items to buy, the ones on here are still very useful!

Simple! Just comment on here, whether IC or OoC listing which items you want, and Sara will happily give them to you. Pokedollars will be deducted from your account accordingly. Please let us know if we missed a point or two. Sara also doesn't give refunds because she thinks you think her food is bad, so be careful.

There is an effect and a secondary effect for each item. The first effect is the good side for your Pokemon, while the second effect is the one that isn't so good. Choose wisely. Try to decide your Pokemon's health and status is more important then its happiness.


Heal Powder - Bitter
Price: 450
Good Effect: Heals all status problems on a single Pokemon.
Bad Effect: Lowers selected Pokemon's friendship.

Energy Powder - Bitter
Price: 500
Good Effect: Restores a single Pokemon's health by 50 HP.
Bad Effect: Lowers selected Pokemon's friendship.

Energy Root - Bitter
Price: 800
Good Effect: Restores a single Pokemon's health by 200 HP
Bad Effect: Lowers selected Pokemon's friendship.

Revival Herb
Price: 2800
Good Effect: Revives a single fainted Pokemon and restores full HP.
Bad Effect: Lowers fainted Pokemon's friendship.


Sara smiles as you walk towards her store. "Hello, and welcome to the Konoha Herb Shop! How may I help you?"

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