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Starting in the City of Love~♪

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Starting in the City of Love~♪

Post by Actinium on Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:34 pm

Ah, spring. What a beautiful thing. A time of new life, of new beginnings, and maybe even a bit of love. The flowers and air are sweet and fresh, though they aren't the only ones to be so.

Oh no, the freshness of spring is not limited to nature's gifts. Somethimes the gift comes from another human being, more commonly known as a mom. And this young girl who, like everyone else, came from a mom, stepped through the streets of beautiful Cadencia City, Feronia. She smiled warmly at the people and Pokemon leisurely going about their daily lives. She hoped they were enjoying the beautiful springtime just as much as she was.

Who is this cheery girl you ask? Why, none other than young Candice James, a girl who was looking to start her own adventure...

Candice looked around, checking a street sign to see if she was going the right way. In fact, she was. And right up ahead was where she was headed to: the Cadencia Pokemon Lab. She giggled with happiness and ran right up to the door. She peered inside, beaming, and let herself in.

"Hello~!" she said happily, not really paying attention to who was there to greet her. It didn't matter, though. Even if thugs were waiting there and holding the scientists hostage, they probably wouldn't dampen the blue haired girl's spirits today. No, nothing could hinder her excitement. On this beautiful spring day, nothing was getting between Candice and her starting Pokemon. Nothing at all.

Don't worry, I'm only slightly insane~

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