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Contaminating the Water

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Contaminating the Water - Page 2 Empty Re: Contaminating the Water

Post by Nocive on Sun Apr 21, 2013 8:42 pm

Aloysius frowned, seeing the door locked from the inside. He took a few steps back, deciding to try and watch the scene in the kitchen through the small windows. He smirked, seeing a human clad in an odd uniform attempting to turn a Carvanha into a stew.

Oliver dodged the attack this time, preparing for another trick. He spat out several seeds, each one having a gap between them due to the surprising size they had. He spat them at specific times and directions, causing the seeds to burst open and release the life-sucking vines they contained. They exploded at a near-instantaneous rate, causing the vines to tangle to each other. Soon enough, there was now a large, life-sucking net falling down towards the Seel. The Shroomish decided to finish off the performance by using Absorb, sending the beam forth to prevent the Seel from dodging.

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Contaminating the Water - Page 2 Empty Re: Contaminating the Water

Post by Sakurai on Mon Apr 29, 2013 7:03 pm

Hope quickly flopped to the side to dodge the energy ball. The great news was even though it was super effective, she was a pretty hard target to hit in both the water and even land. The Carvanha splashed around until she got in close perimiter of the Simisage, and attempted to Bite the Simisage, and from her Carvanha buddies, she heard that Simisages are slightly peppery, but have plenty of flavor. Maybe she would be able to try it out, see if they were just bragging or lying, or they really tasted pretty good. Chef Hope was in the house, and she was ready to start cooking, and maybe add a bit of Simisage spice to the Ramsey meal.


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