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Esther Jacqueline Joy

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Esther Jacqueline Joy Empty Esther Jacqueline Joy

Post by Nocive on Mon Apr 01, 2013 10:03 pm

Name: Esther Jacqueline Joy (Prefers to go by aliases, mainly 'Quinn')
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Occupation: Trainer / Coordinator / Possible aspiring Team Twilight member?
Personality: Esther is more often than not a deceptive child. Her peaceful, calm exterior can mask her inner madness and venom with ease. She can snap a person's neck then walk into a ballroom with grace that could cause ballerinas to cry in envy and not show a single sign of the crime she had done. Because of this ability, she tends to be manipulative and corrupted. The chances of earning her sincere trust would be as low as finding a wild Arceus in a beer bottle.

In truth, she barely ever does these evil deeds. Yes, a few mischevous acts here and there are very frequent, but Esther highly prefers peaceful solitude over causing mishaps. She despises socializing with utmost burning passion, but her mask and the final shreds of her conscience are able to hold her back from spitting in the faces of whoever dares to speak with her during her times of relaxation. However, she will not hesitate to approach someone when there is a benefit involved, primarily in favor of her greed. To put it simply, she is a two-faced opportunist.

With greediness and deception aside, Esther is a very kind and naive person towards pokemon. She could easily pass off as biased towards them compared to other humans, always looking out for the welfare of pokemon may they be big, small, harmless, dangerous, ugly, or adorable. The moment she sees a pokemon being physically hurt by a human or another pokemon, she will take action without giving a second thought, and may even go as far as endangering the attacker's life or just plain killing them on the spot. She wishes nothing more than to rid pokemon of their pain, even at the expense of their happiness.

Esther Jacqueline Joy Esther_zps24a93dfb My apologies because I really didn't put much effort in designing or drawing it. Because I is lazy.
Esther is short for her age (Estimated to be around 4'7) and a bit too skinny from normal, often mistook to be frail. She wears black contacts to hide her blue eyes and dyed her short, curly hair a pure white, hiding the naturally pink color it held. If you could remove the contacts and hair dye, you would have easily guessed her to be some sort of descendant from the Joy family.

She has an odd obsession with wearing clothes that are much too big for her, preferrably sweaters that are big enough to pass off as short, baggy dresses. She has a very monochrome taste, disliking colorful clothing and preferring to just wear black, whites and greys. She always wears a watch, finding time to be a very valuable asset. Along with this, she loves wearing beanies, primarily a white beanie she had recieved as a gift from one of her relatives.

History: Esther was born into a very strict family of Joys in Opelucid City. Right from the day she learned to comprehend words, she was already told that she would continue the family tree and become a Nurse at their local city. At the mere age of 7, she was forced to learn how to properly walk, talk, and behave like a kind nurse along with training her own Audino. And to make sure she wouldn't try to rebel, they made sure to hold her baby Audino against her.

The girl grew to despise the friendly exterior they forced her to uphold, wanting nothing more than to be freed from her so-called 'destiny' of becoming a nurse. She loved pokemon, and wanted nothing more than to care and learn more about them, but she didn't want to spend her life watching them writhe in pain as their lives were put in her hands all because of their careless trainers. She wanted to become something better than a mere nurse.

It was then the day came when she finally escaped their house after so many years of being caged. She saw other pokemon, primarily dragon types who flew over the city with such grace and power that it made her angry at how she was left with just a puny Audino. However, she couldn't cherish the sight and freedom for long, as her family finally found her in less than an hour after she escaped. Needless to say, the punishment was horrible enough that she didn't try to run for several more years.

When she reached the age of 15, Esther finally decided she would try to escape once more. To her joy and to the horror of her family, she succeeded. She met up with a friend of her father's who worked at a bay and was able to trick him into giving her access to a boat to escape Unova. And after a few weeks of mindless travelling across the ocean, she finally reached Feronia.

And now here she is, looking to begin her new life away from medicine. She'd heard of an organization called Team Twilight and how they had these odd items that could turn pokemon into soulless tools. Although she didn't find the idea of manipulating pokemon very charming, the part where they wouldn't feel pain had piqued her interest. Would she be able to punish trainers without hurting the pokemon she was using? She hoped so. It didn't really matter if the pokemon became an empty vassal, just as long as they no longer needed to feel pain then it would be all fine for Esther. But she doesn't dwell on the possibility, seeing how she still wishes to try out other opportunities with pokemon first before deciding that turning other pokemon into soulless walking tools of liberation and power would be a good idea.

-She really likes dragon pokemon
-She has a strong dislike for Audinos (LEVEL GRINDING? I THINK SO!)

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Esther Jacqueline Joy Empty Re: Esther Jacqueline Joy

Post by Bluekat12 on Mon Apr 01, 2013 11:41 pm

Approved! The picture reminds me of that one girl/guy in soul eater with the black dress and pink hair..

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