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Caleb Jacobson

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Caleb Jacobson Empty Caleb Jacobson

Post by antonm1107 on Tue Mar 19, 2013 6:29 am

Name: Caleb Jacobson
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Occupation: None
Personality: Caleb is a quiet boy, almost never speaking to people unless spoken to, and when he is forced to speak, he always tries to avoid eye contact. He appears distrustful to almost everyone he meets, gym leaders and Pokemon included. He is slightly more open among dark Pokemon and seems to have a kinship with the creatures of the night, though even among them he avoids speaking unless it's necessary.

The only time that he fully opens up and talks is when he's with his companion, Pooch (A Poochyena and his companion for longer than either of them could care to remember, though it has, in fact, less than three weeks since the duo had first met), though even then Caleb never seems to smile. At least, not with his mouth; his eyes do all of the talking.

The boy is not inquisitive, instead following his Pokemon's lead - something that is backwards to most, but completely natural to both himself and Pooch. He is, however, very imaginative.

Caleb has a lack of a sense of justice; he is selfish, and while he doesn't go out of his way to hurt people, he does not care for the misfortune of others. He often finds himself irritated with people who consider themselves on either a high or a low moral ground (Eg: Twilight and the SoJ) due to their absolute single mindedness and their inability to see past binary 'right and wrong' beliefs. Of course, Caleb never voices his complaints to anybody but Pooch, and he would be more than willing to work for these single-minded teams should it earn him a bit of cash.

Appearance: Caleb is of average height for one his age, standing at 4’11”. He tends to wear gray clothing and is rarely seen wearing anything tops other than long-sleeved ones, not even in the middle of summer. He is thin, has pale skin and a long nose which give him an almost threatening appearance, and his face seems like it’s in dire need of a good smile. He has very expressive blue eyes which often convey his emotions much better than his facial expression, though they’re always hidden behind a pair of brown-tinted circular glasses which do not provide any visual aid whatsoever - though only a keen observer could realize that. He always has a dark blue backpack with him.

History: One would expect, by his demeanor, that Caleb had a dark past, possibly one in which he had dealt with criminals or had multitudes of traumatic experiences.

Of course, the boy’s past is not anything of the sort. Well, perhaps a little, but nothing dark or traumatic.

He was born and raised in the Johto region. Until the age of eleven, he had resided in Goldenrod City, living a content, normal life with his parents. His mother, Karen, was an employee at the Game Corner, whilst his father, Samuel, was a journalist for the famed “Johto Monthly” - the second-most popular newspaper in Johto. He wasn’t a popular kid at school, but nobody bullied him (and considering how many bullies populated his school, he couldn’t help but feel surprised at this) and he had his fair share of friends. Caleb was perfectly content with remaining at home rather than going on a Pokemon journey; while he enjoyed the company of dark-type Pokemon and saw little wrong with the sport of Pokemon Battling, Caleb found that the monotony of staying at home was somehow very comforting.

And then he moved to Feronia. It was, of course, his father’s job; the man had often gone on excursions for weeks, sometimes months, at a time to get research for his articles, and this time he had been given the job of being Johto Monthly’s journalist in the relatively new region of Feronia. What’s more, he was moving to a village of all things.

Caleb didn’t adapt well to the change; he had had to move to a new school, tried (and failed) to make new friends, and ended up isolated and alone. He couldn’t grow accustomed to his new rural life and often wished for the comforts of home. He had begged and pleaded for his parents to go back to Johto, but both of them remained steadfast in their decision to stay in this region. Eventually, Caleb gave up and became withdrawn (or, at least, more so than before), not talking to people unless strictly necessary, and even then making sure to avert his gaze from those he spoke to.

It was two months later, on the day of his birthday, that it all changed. Caleb had decided that he’d had enough and decided to go back to Goldenrod. He didn’t quite know how to get back to Johto, what with being on a completely different region and all, but the boy couldn’t bear to stay in the village any longer. So, in the dead of the night, he packed his belongings and some food, stole some cash from his parents - not much, just what he’d judged as enough to get by - and ran for the hills. Or the forest, to be precise.

To this day, Caleb still doesn’t know what drew Pooch to him. It had only been a few hours after he left that he met a pathetically small Poochyena - one whose head only barely reached his knee - playing outside an entrance to the wayward caves. It wasn’t a baby, though Caleb didn’t know how he could tell at the time. Caleb had heard many times about the dangers of exploring the wilderness, especially without a Pokemon by your side, and the boy expected the beast to either run away or attack. What he didn’t expect was for the canine to run towards him and bark playfully, seemingly to ask him to play.

The Poochyena, which Caleb had nicknamed ‘Pooch’, had not since left his side. It was rather curious, really; it actually understood English despite its seemingly childish demeanor. It was clearly intelligent - sometimes Caleb wondered if it was more intelligent than he - and was apparently undisturbed by human contact. It did not, unfortunately, know how to read or write, but when Caleb tried to get it to learn (so that they could converse in more equal terms), he was amazed by how quickly the canine learned.

It has been three months since he had arrived to Feronia and three weeks since he’d met his faithful, intelligent companion. Pooch still cannot write, and his reading skills are below average for a human, but it still amazes Caleb how intelligent it is. They camp at the Daycare field, and have a routine of alternating between practicing battling and literature. Caleb had bought some clothing to prevent himself from being recognized (though he isn’t aware of how see-through his disguise of tinted glasses is), as well as a Pokeball for Pooch - not in order to confine him, mind you, but simply as a means of preventing capture by anybody that came by the creature. He also has dry food for both himself and Pooch, as well as some ink and paper for his writing lessons.

Extra: He does not have a trainer card and does not travel the gym circuit; instead, he’s trying to find a way to get back to Johto. He does have some dried fruit and meat, some ink and paper and other, minor things. He does not have a tent or anything on which to lay whilst he rests on the daycare fields.

*sigh* God, that took a while. That's over a thousand words; in fact, it's longer than a chapter of my fanfic!


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Caleb Jacobson Empty Re: Caleb Jacobson

Post by antonm1107 on Wed Mar 20, 2013 1:14 pm


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Caleb Jacobson Empty Re: Caleb Jacobson

Post by MexterInfinite on Wed Mar 20, 2013 4:16 pm

After reading that, I have two things to say. 1. I hate you after having to read all that... xD and 2. Accepted!

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Caleb Jacobson Empty Re: Caleb Jacobson

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