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Konoha's Professor and the Assistant moments

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Konoha's Professor and the Assistant moments Empty Konoha's Professor and the Assistant moments

Post by Bluekat12 on Mon Mar 18, 2013 1:26 am

Just some moments of everyone's favorite duo!!!
~~~~ means it's a different rp

"We have all kinds of experiments pokemon! We have a transporting device that allows us to get nearly any pokemon in the region." the scientist examined her for a moment and said, "How about a Carvannah? A rough pokemon, a bit hard to tame. It can have a fierce bite. Or a Spearow maybe? No, that's for advance trainers. Pidgey? No, you don't seem like a flying type of person."
"Huh, reminds me of that moody girl, Lilly was her name. Doganon?" He wrote down the information and moved to the machine in the corner of the room without waiting for Lillia to correct him. The deppressed looking scientist came to the clipboard and corrected his employer's mistake. The scientist that was helping Lillia was the manager. He asked, "So, what pokemon would you like? We've got poochyenas, cute as they are they have a ferocious bite and they'll chase you to the ends of the earth. Carvannah maybe? Their difficult to tame and their later evolution can be really fierce. Th-"
"Stop trying to sell off the carvannah! Just because it nearly bit your hand off during research doesn't mean that it SHOULD go to a trainer right away!" the other scientist yelled.
"Well then, you look like the psychic pokemon type of person, how about Abra?"
"We're not letting that get away! It took us months to get one!"
"Let her choose already!"
"Want a carvanah?" a voice called from the very back. There was a slow squeaking sound as a man in a wheelie chair ever so slowly rolled towards her. There was an entire five minutes of silence as he slowly rolled over to her, not speeding himself up. He stopped right in front of the trainer, he studied her a bit before saying, "Follow me." he then propelled himself back across the room while spinning to a clipboard, "Name? And you said you wanted a Carvanah right?"
"Okay, that's just getting annoying now!" an assistant walked in from behind the trainer, "I swear, you're just desperate to give that wretched thing a trainer!"
"But it's cute."
"That is not cute!" the assistant yelled, "Just like that lunatone! The stupid thing fell asleep while levitating, right onto my foot too! Why do we always get the bad ones?"
"They're not bad, just in need of some love and junk like that that i'm supposed to say."
"Yeah, poor thing was tired to the bone, or rock should i say? Ah well." the professor shrugged, "you want it?" he tossed a pokeball that was on the shelf into the air and a lunatone floated out of it, "Luuunaatooone." it spoke.
"How do you always have the pokemon that trainers want already out before they get here?"
"Because i'm PSYCHIC!"
"No you are not..."
"Then how do I know about those magazines your hiding in the locked cupboard behind the fridge?"
"What Magazines!?"
The assistant sighed and handed the girl a clipboard, "Sign here please..."
"Anyways, here's your pokeballs, and your pokedex, now off with you. I need to talk to pervy sage over her about those magazines." The professor said.
"I have no idea what you're talking about!"
"Also about that girl you've been hanging out with lately."
"I told you, i'm psychic. I know everything. Plus i have security cameras all around the lab."
"Hah! SO you're not psychic!"
"But i still know about those magazines."
"Don't mind him..."the assistant whispered. He flipped the pen to the writing side and clicked it so it would write. The clicking sound was soft and barely audible. The assistant flinched as the man in the corner snorted a bit and returned to snoring. The assistant sighed in relief and began to write, he wrote Ari's name and asked, "What would you-"
"Want a carvanha kid?" the sleeping man had suddenly appeared behind the assistant. The assistant screamed and jumped, he ran in terror. The clipboard and pen flew in the air and landed neatly in the Professor's hands, "Well?"
"You're welcome." The professor smiled pleasantly. He gave the trainer their pokeballs and pokedex before saying, "Okay you're free to go now."
"Wait, what did you just do?" the assistant returned.
"Carvanah got a home, their name is hope now!"
"THAT THING NAMED HOPE!? That's a laugh! That thing tried to EAT ME! I-" the assistant was hit with the clipboard and knocked out on the floor.
"Ignore him, his existence is unimportant."
"You don't know what an eevee is?" the professor laughed. He took a pokeball from the shelf and tossed it onto the floor. Out popped a brown pokemon with long ears. The long ears perked as it looked around, "Eevee?" it spoke. It was bewildered at being sent out all of a sudden.
The man stomped over to the scientist in the wheel chair and whispered, "Are you crazy!? That's our last one! After that we'll have to search for ages to find another one!!"
"Stop jabbering in my ear, it's giving me a headache!" the professor snarled, he turned back to the trainer, "is this your choice?"
"Okay then!" the professor wrote on the clipboard on what pokemon was leaving the lab. He tossed the clipboard onto the counter as he grabbed pokeballs and a pokedex. "Here, Eevee's pokeball and 5 empty ones along with a pokedex." he smiled as he gave the trainer her new things.
"Um, sir. You didn't write her name." the assistant said.
"Names snames, if Eevee likes her then eevee should go with her."
"Sir, that's out last one!"
"Not the last of it's species."
"You're impossible!"
"You're improbable!"
"That doesn't make any sense!"
"Neither do you!"

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Konoha's Professor and the Assistant moments Empty Re: Konoha's Professor and the Assistant moments

Post by Nocive on Mon Mar 18, 2013 1:42 am


All others please get out no one needs you anymore except professor birch you fab

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