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Nyx Felicity

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Nyx Felicity Empty Nyx Felicity

Post by Nocive on Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:19 pm

Name: Nyx Felicity

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Occupation: Normal trainer

Personality: Nyx is about as childish as anyone can get. She enjoys simple things, and dislikes sophisticated and uptight behavior. Her brash, mischievous behavior often causes her to get in trouble, not that she cares, that is. Although, she only pulls her pranks and tomfoolery in hopes of earning a laugh or two, and of course, for attention.

However, do not take her childish behavior for granted. She takes training and pokemon very seriously. She loves pokemon and battling as much as anyone, and often pushes herself and others too far due to her strives for greatness. Being constantly shadowed by her more honorable siblings in her childhood had made her insecure, thinking she needed to be the best of the best in order to prove herself.

Under all this vigor and child play, there is an insecure 14-year old who's just trying to make as much of her life as she can.

Appearance: She has long, purple hair that she had gotten dyed. The purple gets darker at the tips. She's light-skinned with bright blue eyes, a normal height and weight. She often wears sweaters or other casual wear, but always wears a headband with bells on them. Her bag is a normal dark, sling bag with numerous bells and pokemon-themed keychains attached to them. Her most preferred colors of attire are white, purple, black, red, and yellow.
Nyx Felicity NyxandLost

History: Nyx was born and raised in Lavender Town, living a normal life. That is, unless you count the fact her family had a firm belief on the after life and would often force their children to pray with them at the Pokemon Tower in order to keep the spirits 'calmed and worshipped'.

Nyx didn't mind this upbringing, and actually enjoyed it due to her love for pokemon, particularly ghost pokemon. But it always irritated her how her older siblings always ended up out-shining her. Most had grown to become professionals, full fledge trainers and breeders and were now being sent to other regions in order to live their dreams while she was stuck at home due to being the youngest.

When time finally came, she decided she wanted to leave and pursue her dream of becoming a trainer. Her parents didn't allow this, but after some persuasion, they finally complied. Now Nyx is venturing out into the world, hoping to find her so-called 'destiny'.

-Nyx loves ghosts and spirits.
-She has a sweet tooth, and a slight obsession with sweets.

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Nyx Felicity Empty Re: Nyx Felicity

Post by Bluekat12 on Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:22 pm


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