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Enter Nicolas Franzurg

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Enter Nicolas Franzurg Empty Enter Nicolas Franzurg

Post by MexterInfinite on Thu Feb 21, 2013 8:33 pm

Name: Nicolas Franzurg (Nick)
Age: 18
Gender: Nicolas is totally Female, not. Male
Occupation: Trainer/ SOJ
Personality: Nicolas is more of a sly, evil kind of guy. He uses that to his advantage, only on the other bad people. As evil as that may sound, that was before he was all good and nice. He usually helps those who need it.
Appearance: Eh... Let me just find a picture... (5 Minutes Later) Gosh dang it google, stop failing me! (About an hour later)Found it! I think I used this as a roleplay example for another site...
I hate you google:
Enter Nicolas Franzurg Teenage_Denzel_by_semokan
History: After the google experience.... I'm tired... But I shall proceed! Anyways.... When he was from the age of 5-9, his brother kept getting in trouble. Since his brother took care of him since their parents worked a lot, he thought you were supposed to be mean and get in trouble, so he took after his brother's bad example. So from the ages of 9-17 he was mean to alot of people (Sounds a bit like Rave but tie in the fact he broke some arms and legs... Yeah... What you got on this guy Rave? xD) Nearing his 18th birthday, most of his friends left him. His brother did too since he was 1. Going to college, and 2. Was too ashamed of the fact he accidently taught this to Nick. However one friend stayed with Nick and gave him a gift for his birthday. Who did that, I shall not say. But Nick then realized he was doing everything wrong, thanked his friend and got ready to go. His friend already had a head start.
Extra: Unlike Ed, he likes Pie more than Cake.

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Enter Nicolas Franzurg Empty Re: Enter Nicolas Franzurg

Post by Bluekat12 on Thu Feb 21, 2013 8:40 pm

Accepted! :3

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